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What we develop

Interactive Lessons

Lessons built using an authoring tool with interactive activities such as drag and drop, click to reveal, hotspots, and more.

Compliance Training

Bespoke compliance content, guided by subject matter experts and tailored to your specific needs.

Systems Training

Get to know a system interactively through the a demo, practice and evaluation process.


Unique onboarding through interactive engagement and a seamless rollout of a customised onboarding experience.


Videos as lessons that are informative, or introductory/conclusive, educational or in the form of interview videos.

Learning Resources

Create reference guides or supporting documents in the form of interactive PDF, PDF or a Microsoft Office app.


Platform Deployment

Slink Design now partners with a reputable South African owned learning platform provider (Cloud and local hosting), servicing local and international markets. Reach out to arrange a demo, to deploy your learning successfully.


Upload MS Office documents, MP4 Video, Audio, SCORM, TinCan or create with a One Click Build tool.


Assess with Multiple Choice, True & False, 360 Feedbacks, Opinion Surveys, Competency, and Moderation


Schedule training, invite learners and track attendance. Integrate with MS Outlook and Skype for Business.

Goal Setting

Users can set/request training goals. Goals not addressed - learners can request training from a provider.

Personal Learning

Users can log their own training, experience, learning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Report and track learner progress in real time. Multiple report formats and dashboard graphics are standard.


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